My name's Alex and I'm a Wedding Photographer.


About Me

I used to run the theatre on a cruise ship, I loved the travel, loved the people... hated the job!

It was most definitely time to leave.

With camera in hand and supported by the endless patience and love of my other half Lauren, we both quit our jobs, left the sea, flew home and went into business.

It was the best decision we ever made.

She’s the best.


About Wedding Photography


What style or approach do you bring to your work?

I bring a contemporary photojournalistic style to your wedding for couples preferring a more natural approach. Some couples also like a few classic, perhaps more formal shots too.

How do you do it?

During the ceremony I keep my distance, the last thing I want is to become the focus on a day that is entirely about you!  I use a few flashes and stands to help me get great images during the reception. Then I spend HOURS in photoshop editing them, cleaning them up and getting them just right.

What do you do it with?

I use a couple of Sony A7 series, full frame cameras and Zeiss Lenses. These  are amazing, top of the range digital cameras and Zeiss is arguably the finest lens manufacturer in the world. 

How long do you do it for?

 I'm with you from getting ready, through the ceremony, the reception and until the party gets going so you have an amazing record of your big day.

But I hate posing for pictures!

Me too.

I'm very hands off with posing. As far as I'm concerned I am there to capture your day not put pressure on you to perform. I want to see the moments as they unfold, naturally . There might be a few points where I may need some help (such as formal pictures after the ceremony) but they are pretty few and far between.

Where do you do it?

I split my time between the south west and the north west ,visiting my family in Cornwall and living with Lauren In Cheshire. I take bookings for either area as though it's a local booking so one day I could be photographing a wedding in Torbay then Prestbury the next.